Néris-les-Bains, one of the Most Beautiful Detours in France


one of the Most Beautiful Detours in France

Les Plus Beaux Détours de France (The Most Beautiful Detours in France) are just over a hundred small towns in France where it's good to live and good to stop for a few hours or a few days.

Accommodation, restaurants and shops provide everything you need for a relaxing break.

There's also a wealth of heritage sites and events to discover, some of which are close to home but little-known.

You can find Néris-les-Bains on the Plus Beaux Détours website, as well as Lapalisse in the Allier department.

Esplanade du Casino - Néris-les-Bains 03
Pavillon du lac, ancienne gare - Néris-les-Bains 03

Pavillon du Lac

Le Casino - Néris-les-Bains 03


Fontaine à Néris-les-Bains 03

Fountain in bloom

Situated in the south-west of the Allier, at the crossroads of several départements and close to the Auvergne volcanoes, Néris-les-Bains combines well-being, nature and a gentle way of life.

Known since ancient times, the benefits of the thermal waters of Néris-les-Bains are renowned today for treating rheumatological and neurological ailments.

The town has preserved many traces of its history: Roman pools and remains of the theatre-amphitheatre; medieval church and Merovingian necropolis; thermal baths, theatre, casino and villas from the Belle Epoque, the golden age of fashionable spas.

Don't miss the Gallo-Roman museum, with its fine collection of local remains that bear witness to the city's wealth in the 1st and 2nd centuries AD; and the Pavillon du Lac, a former railway station and magnificent art-deco building that now hosts weddings, exhibitions and conferences.

The parks, planted with flowers and trees, and the lake invite you to take a stroll. The many signposted footpaths are ideal for hiking.
The 'Les Nériades' spa is ideal for discovering the benefits of thermal water and relaxing. The town has a tennis complex, a 60-hectare golf course and a casino.

Compagnie Impressionne-moi - Fête Belle-Epoque Néris-les-Bains

Belle Epoque festival

Concert sur l'Esplanade du Casino - Néris-les-Bains

Concert on the Esplanade

Journées Musicales au théâtre André Messager - Néris-les-Bains 03

Musical Days

Lumières sur le Bourbonnais

Lumières sur le Bourbonnais

The resort comes alive throughout the spa season. Plays, concerts, gourmet and craft markets, exhibitions and fairs are scheduled from April to November. The Belle-Epoque festival on 14 July takes the resort back to the 19th century, and the Nérisienne on the 1st Sunday in October brings men and women together in the fight against breast cancer.

Potato pâté and pompe aux grattons are culinary specialities of the Bourbonnais region. Nérius, a delicious dessert made with almonds and praline, was created in Néris-les-Bains.

Viaduc à Néris-les-Bains 03


Balade au Lac de Cournauron - Néris-les-Bains 03

At the Cournauron lake

Musée Gallo-Romain Néris-les-Bains 03

Gallo-Roman Museum

Randonnée à Néris-les-Bains 03